Sandra Masin: Representative Minnesota House 51A Representing parts of Burnsville and Eagan


As your Representative, I have worked hard to pass legislation that provides opportunities for all people in District 51A. I seek to address Minnesota's budget crisis through a balanced approach that includes government reforms while protecting the middle class from burdensome tax increases.

As we continue our work for a better Minnesota, what you think remains so important to me. I look forward to hearing your ideas and concerns. Please contact me at: 651 452-3411 or email me at:

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Minnesota must expand its public transportation infrastructure; we need to address different modes of transportation to move our citizenry to and from their jobs, and other needs. We not only need mass transit, we need to make sure our roads are properly maintained and that bus routes are set up to run more effectively between our communities.

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Health Care

Minnesota must continue to look for ways to provide efficient, effective, affordable health care for its citizenry. Our current challenge is to ensure access and enhance quality so that our Families will have the benefits and services they need so they aren't making the hard choice between paying for food, housing or medicine. I believe this provides our businesses with reliably healthy workers and our communities will contain citizens focused on preventive rather than curative healthcare.

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Minnesotans have had and deserve a return to an exceptional public educational system for each and every child in Minnesota. I will work to make sure that education is properly funded from early childhood through higher education. With better leadership and resources committed to this issue, our families will provide children with the knowledge and experience required to succeed in todays global economy. Additionally, our businesses will have a knowledgeable, capable workforce and potential workforce to choose from.

Ultimately, an excellent education system provides our Communities with citizens willing and able to support the betterment of our neighborhoods and communities.

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Minnesotans deserve expanding economic opportunities that provide high-quality, well-paying jobs. Currently, the majority of jobs that are being created in Eagan, Burnsville, and the rest of the Twin Cities do not pay a livable wage. I will help lead the state back in the right direction to assure that Minnesota is creating jobs and opportunities that move individuals and families forward. I'm pro-business: I want Eagan and Burnsville to have so many businesses that the members of District 51A can choose where they want to work and find meaningful, well-paying careers that support them and their families.

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The wonders of this Earth are amazing. Unfortunately, the destruction of our natural treasures is happening before our very eyes, due to the land use choices we make and the effect of air pollutants on climate change. I want my grandchildren to inherit a world better than the one I came into, and that means fighting for a better environment with measures that also make sense economically.

Everybody deserves to breathe fresh air and drink clean water, and I promise to continue to work for both, if re-elected. Ethanol is a start, but I believe we need to move from corn-based to cellulosic ethanol, that is ethanol made from native prairie and other fiber-rich plants. I will continue to work to ensure new technologies are discovered here in Minnesota, bringing jobs and prosperity to the region along with cleaner air, purer water, and decreased dependence on fossil fuels.

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